an uphill climb
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Because you live, my world has twice as many stars in the sky.

 Anonymous asked:
were there guys that you approved of that taeyeon dated? (and maybe thought that she fit better with?)


She doesn’t seem to choose the best guys in the world.


when hyoyeon makes eye contact with the other members on stage

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snsd complete. awesome taengsic duet. 


Taeyeon to Jessica. 

I need the girls to shoot this kind of show again.

i prefer | anonymous asked: taengsic or taeny

"Jessica, I’ve felt the same kind of unfamiliarity with you as I did with Tiffany—something to do with cultural differences—and I tried to understand you more, and you’re such a character. I’m not the approaching type, so I regret we’re not that close so far, but like in the movies, there could be an unexpected turn out right?" 


In which I’m highly suspicious delulu that Fany knows Taengsic is real